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Cheryl Hahn, our founder, is a true pioneer in green living with 20 years experience as the owner of Tomorrow's World, one of America's very first green eco-friendly stores. Prior to becoming an ecoprenaur, she acquired a background in textiles while working for one of the country's largest sportswear manufacturing companies.

It seemed only natural for Cheryl to focus her energies on the manufacturing of organic bedding, especially since her company was also the first to introduce organic mattresses to the national consumer market in the early 1990's.

"One of the things I really wanted to create", says Hahn, "was quality, comfort, durability and aesthetics using beautiful textiles made from renewable, sustainable resources for products actually made to last decades. Choosing chemical-free organic and eco-smart materials just makes perfect sense in the bedroom since that's where we revitalize for the day ahead."

Why surround yourself with bedding that emits harmful chemicals or makes you sweat uncomfortably when you can enjoy a safer and healthier sleep made from exquisite natural fibers? Your bedroom is your night-time healing retreat and it's the one place you shouldn't skimp on comfort or quality.

"I'm really excited about being the first organic bedding company to utilize renewable energy using wind, solar and geothermal to operate our factory. Green awareness is high and so many businesses are greenwashing; this shows our commitment to being a true full-circle green company. We're both green and organic and we're very proud of that"

CozyPure® is dedicated to using only the best eco-friendly components available... and we take it a step further:

Our facility harnesses the wind and captures the sun's rays to produce electricity and our heating and cooling is generated with a geothermal system. According to the US Department of Energy our facility would be defined as a zero-energy building because of our greatly reduced energy needs supplied with renewable technologies. We are the only bedding company in America to utilize a trio-system of Wind, Solar and Geothermal on-site in our factory. Green power to make green bedding.

CozyPure® manufactures fine bedding and latex mattresses. Our sleep systems and accessories are designed with aesthetics and beauty, quality components for performance and durability, and eco-organic materials that are healthier for you and better for our planet. You'll wake up feeling refreshed and nourished from a healthy night's sleep.

Industry Experience. Our factory of skilled craftsmen, seamstresses and designers offer you over 75 years of experience producing high-quality mattresses... and we've been involved exclusively with organic and ecosmart materials for twenty years.

In fact, we're the first company in America to offer natural organic mattresses and organic bedding products to consumers nationwide.

Utilizing our expertise and knowledge allow us to develop and manufacture an exquisite high-quality collection of organic mattresses and organic bedding made-to-order in Norfolk, Virginia. Efficient in-house production. Your latex mattress will be custom-made and ready within 5 days.

Integrity and Trust. Our experience in the industry, as both pioneers and leaders, assures our customers peace-of-mind that they're doing business with a company that has earned the trust of thousands of latex mattress buyers. Our integrity and high-standards are unmatched. It is always our pleasure to serve you.

We make Green Power to produce our Green Bedding All of our CozyPure® organic bedding and latex mattress products are made in Norfolk, Virginia and we generate OUR VERY OWN GREEN ENERGY to power our facility. Right in our backyard parking lot we have two wind turbines as well as an array of solar-panels... all of which tie into our grid to generate our own power. Our heating and cooling needs are provided with a GeoThermal system - the most energy efficient system available.

We don't just talk... we walk the talk.

Our commitment to the environment and sustainability means best quality, higher value products made in ways that preserve our natural resources while also reducing our production waste and energy consumption.

Our electric, heating and cooling is grid-connected with Net-Metering, which basically means we recycle our energy by putting our excess unused electricity back into the power grid for others to use, otherwise it would be wasted.

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PRESS RELEASE April 2010 - Norfolk, Virginia

CozyPure Organic Comfort Zone, located in downtown Ocean View is one of America's first commercial buildings to utilize a combination of Solar Energy, Wind Power and Geothermal HVAC which produces renewable green electricity, heating and cooling for their factory, warehouse, offices and retail store. Organic Comfort Zone, are manufacturers of CozyPure® organic green bedding.

The US Department of Energy defines a zero-energy building as "a residential or commercial building with greatly reduced energy needs through efficiency gains such that the balance of energy needs can be supplied with renewable technologies."

The solar panel array is attractively displayed and mounted as a series of awnings on the buildings east side, while the wind turbines spin hypnotically in the back parking lot. Inside the facility is the gentle hum of the HVAC unit which pulls in the earth's median temperatures from underground to heat and cool with high efficiency and lower costs.

"Renewable energy can be very aesthetically pleasing... and we're here to proof it.", says Richard Hahn, who designed the project as worked as the general contractor. "Most people walking by don't even realize the awning is an array of solar panels designed to capture 3.6 Kilowatts of electricity."

On the opposite side of the awnings in the back parking lot, two wind turbines stand tall as a declaration of energy independence. The unique cylinder shape 30 foot Windspire is compact in design with multiple horizontal turbines which spin in either direction producing 1.2 Kilowatts, while the traditional Skyscraper wind tower stands grand at 45 feet and can produce up to 2.4 Kilowatts of power.

Heating and air is provided to the company utilizing Geothermal which uses up to 70% less energy than conventional HVAC systems. The constant temperature of the earth is the starting point so there are no real extremes in reaching the ideal temperature whether it's to heat or cool the space.

"When we kick-on the heat or the air, it reaches our set temperature very fast.”, says Cheryl Hahn, owner of CozyPure® organic bedding. "We always turn the unit off completely when we leave since it has the capability to become a very comfortable temperature so quickly."

The Hahn’s, husband and wife, Richard and Cheryl, are no beginners when it comes to green living. In 1991 they opened Tomorrow's World, one of the first green stores in America. Back then Tomorrow's World offered a full selection of various energy efficient appliances and technologies, including renewable energy systems, but when Richard left the business ten years ago, Cheryl opted to dissolve that division of the company.

"When Richard left, I knew I wouldn't be able to solely provide the knowledge and service necessary for renewable energy systems, so I turned the company into manufacturing specialty organic bedding instead." says Cheryl Hahn. "I'm excited to generate our very own green clean energy to make our clean green bedding. It's full-circle."

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