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Benefits of a Latex Mattress

Nothing is more important to your health than a good night's sleep. The time you spend in bed, renewing your body for another day and resting your mind for another round of work issues to solve, is most precious. This is why doctors recommend at least eight hours of shuteye lest you want to face the new morning with all the enthusiasm of a zombie. Sleeping nightly on a latex mattress is one way to improve your sleeping life, which in turn leaves you more refreshed during the day.

Why choose a latex mattress over traditional bedding? You might prepared to balk at the price of something that is labeled as "organic," but if you were to price such mattresses alongside brand name models, you may find the difference in cost is not large. The durability of natural components, too, allows a natural latex bed to last longer than synthetics, so in the long run you can save money.

What natural materials make up a mattress? Organic latex and rubber, wool batting, and natural cotton knitted fabric provide a comfortable setting for nocturnal activities. As you sleep, you will feel that the surface of such an eco-friendly mattress is free of chemicals that might otherwise irritate your senses, and the breathable quality of the mattress can contribute to improved health. You'll enter a deeper REM sleep, which is ideal for those who need rest. When you are more alert in the morning after a good night's sleep you have more energy, you are less prone to depression, and your body aches less.

Try an organic latex mattress for your sleeping health. Turn a good night into a great tomorrow.

Kathryn Lively writes about organic pillows and green living.

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