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Benefits of a CozyPure Latex Mattress


Life happens. We age. We lose weight. We gain weight. We may get an injury or arthritis. All of these things can contribute towards the possibility of wanting a different feel in your mattress. Or maybe you just ordered the wrong firmness the first time around. Rest easy, we'll take care of you.

We offer a one-time LIFETIME Comfort Correction if you ever wish to change the 3" comfort layer. Any time, no questions asked. Just give us a call and we'll gladly help you out. You can also upgrade from the 7" to the 9" or the 10" to the 12" at any time with a simple layer add-on. Whether you choose to get a layer add-on or a new comfort layer correction, we'll charge you a nominal fee based on the current wholesale prices and ship you the new layer. You don't have to return the original layer, we ask that you keep it - you may change your mind and want that firmness again at a later time.

You'll never have the hassle of returning an entire mattress (or having to buy a new one) when you only need to switch or add layers. With 25 years of experience in organic sleep, working directly with the consumer, we've developed a great reputation for both quality products and excellent service. We're always here to help our customers and your sleep satisfaction is our #1 priority.


Sleep with a partner that has a different comfort preference? Our 10" and 12" models include a 3" split layer that offers customized comfort for each side of the bed. Many other manufacturers have an upcharge for this benefit, but it's included with CozyPure mattresses. If you should ever need to change the comfort of these layers, just take advantage of our Lifetime Comfort Correction -- whether it's 6 months or 6 years -- we don't want you to ever have to buy another mattress again.


Unlike our competitors, CozyPure mattresses feature 2-sided reverse comfort. If you ever want a firmer feel, just flip your mattress. We don't have any nasty fire-retardant fabric on the bottom of our mattresses which means you can flip it over and sleep on it. It costs more for us to quilt the bottom surface, but we think it's worth it.


After you get a mattress, you'll want to surround yourself with cozy organic bedding products too. Pillows, sheets, blankets, comforters, pads and toppers. We didn't have to scour the globe looking for quality bedding accessories - because all our organic bedding is MADE RIGHT HERE. And because you bought a CozyPure mattress, you'll get lifetime discounts off our already low factory-direct pricing. We're committed to our relationship with you and appreciate you choosing CozyPure. The Cuddle-Up Club is our way of giving back to you, because great relationships should always be mutually beneficial. {{{HUGS}}}


Our mattresses are built to last using 100% natural latex without any fillers or poly foams. 100% latex rubber is designed to last for decades with proper care and we back it up with a 30 year warranty. Combine our warranty with our zipper cover which allows you to change your comfort layer at any time, and we think you'll agree that this could be the last mattress you ever buy.

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