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CozyPure Performance Peace of Mind Comfort

When you purchase a mattress from our CozyPure Performance Collection you can sleep with the peace of mind that we guarantee your satisfaction.

With our modular components it's easy to step-up to the next level of comfort, if necessary. And with our Custom-Cozy Mattress we'll even let you exchange the comfort level of the latex at no charge.

Here's how it works:

Let's say you purchase our firmest mattress, the Performance Core. After some time you want it a little softer. You can unzip your mattress and add a 1.5" inch soft right inside the mattress. Want it even softer? No problem. Just roll out our infamous LaNoodle Cuddle Topper. You can also upgrade to a 9" with a new zipper cover, then add a 3" layer.

Now lets say you decided on our Performance Plush and want a touch of extra-plush on top. Just add a 1.5" soft inside. Or go for our popular LaNoodle Cuddle Topper for that Luxury Hotel comfort.

We know it sounds complicated - but really it's not. These are great options to easily change your mattress comfort to another if you think you made the wrong choice the first time. We're here to help you get it right, and we're confident you'll love it with no regrets.

The chart below will (hopefully) help you see how your mattress can be transformed into another model: organic mattress comfort exchange

Keep in mind a few things:
Most people who select the CORE mattress do so because they prefer a FIRM mattress. Or perhaps they have budget and it's for the guest room. Or maybe it's baby's first "big bed". With this criteria in mind, 99.99% of people never need to upgrade to the 9" -- adding small softer layers work in most cases.

Our Plush is our most popular mattress which is why we also recommend this for hotels. It's not too hard and not too soft. If you want this mattress extra plush, it's easy to add a little soft latex under the zipper or roll a Cuddle-Topper on top -- or both. And remember that once you buy a CozyPure mattress you're a member of our Cuddle-Up Club so these options are always 20% off regular price!

If you purchased our Custom-Cozy mattress (split custom layer on top - for example half firm and half soft) then you qualify for a one-time free latex comfort exchange (you just pay round trip shipping costs). This too can be further customized by adding our luxurious Cuddle-Topper.

The most important thing to remember is that whichever mattress you select, we can easily help you modify the comfort if necessary. We know this because we've been doing it for twenty years and have an very high rate of customer satisfaction. Give us a call at 800.229.7571 so we can work together with you in helping you choose a healthy organic mattress that's comfortable, durable and modular!

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