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Is a Latex Mattress Good for Your Health?

"Make sure you're getting a good night's sleep," you've no doubt heard from your mother, or teacher, or even your physician. A minimum eight hours of shuteye of often touted as the best medicine around - sleep recharges your body and mind and prepares you for another day of activity. With our busy schedules, however, finding the time to sleep can be as much a challenge as resting comfortably in bed. Especially if you have back issues and snoring problems, enjoying some shuteye becomes a problem even when you have the time for it.

For many people, the problem lies, literally, with the mattress used. Over time, coil mattress may take on a lumpy texture and cause discomfort that prevents deep sleep. If you have recently experienced illness or injury, this can further enhance your difficulty. Rather than count endless sleep through yet another frustrating night, take the initiative to invest in a new mattress, preferably one made of organic materials that can benefit your health.

Why organic? Think about what goes into your mattress. If you're not familiar with how bedding is constructed, you may thinks it's all coils for support and stuffing for softness. That partly puts the picture together, but many brand mattresses contain foam and synthetic fabrics and stuffing that are treated with various chemicals for stain prevention. What lingers, in turn, stays on your bed while you sleep. You therefore run the risk of inhaling various toxins, which definitely does nothing for your health!

Organic mattresses, by comparison, must be certified to contain a certain percentage of natural materials like untreated cotton and latex or rubber. Fabric covering these eco-friendly mattresses tend to be more breathable, and provide support and comfort where needed.

While some might argue that a natural mattress offers better opportunity for rest, is claiming such a bed is healthy going a bit far? Consider this: when you fall into REM sleep and dream, your body receives the recharge it needs for better motivation throughout the day. Fatigue, depression, and other symptoms related to insomnia decrease over time as you regain your energy.

If you find sleep doesn't come as easily anymore, consider a new mattress for may restful nights.

Kathryn Lively is a freelance writer specializing in articles on organic mattresses and latex mattresses.

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