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Slip under the covers every night and feel like royalty visiting a five-star luxury boutique hotel. Languish every morning in delightfully outrageous organic comfort that will heighten your sense of appreciation for handcrafted bedding made from the finest natural ingredients.

Our CozyPure® Luxury Hotel Collection comes complete with everything you need for an amazingly well-rested sleep and we guarantee you'll never have any regrets once you snuggle up in the safe, healthy, luxurious comfort our sleep system delivers to your mind, body and spirit.

No time for vacation? Today, many of us don't have time to spare, but you need to invest in giving yourself something that gives you pleasure - something that comforts you - something that you can savor and enjoy. Our CozyPure® Luxury Hotel Collection will give you a five-star getaway sleeping experience every night.

100% turn-key, it's complete with every item you need. In fact it's what we recommend to our hotel partners - and we've had wonderful feedback from the hotel guests about how amazing and comfortable they were sleeping on our mattress and bedding .

The Luxury Hotel Collection comes complete with the following (bundled together for an amazing discount):

* 10" Natural Latex PLUS Organic Mattress
* or 9" Natural Latex CUSH Organic Mattress
* Natural Latex LaNoodle Cuddle Top (the Un-Feather Bed)
* Hand-Tufted & Tied Wool Comforter with Organic Cotton Sateen Fabric
* Two Natural Latex Regular-Fill LaNoodle Pillows
* 100% Certified Organic Cotton Sateen Duvet Cover
* 100% Certified Organic Cotton Sateen Fitted Sheet
* 100% Certified Organic Cotton Sateen Flat Sheet
* 100% Certified Organic Cotton Sateen Pillow Cases
* Free Shipping - Curbside Delivery

Want more details? No problem.. read below for descriptions and details of all the items included in your package. And if you still have questions, be sure to give us a call at 800.229.7571. We'll be happy to help!


Designed with sleep nutrition in mind, our CozyPure® natural latex mattress Pure Performance Collection is made with certified organic cotton and organic wool cover and a uniquely designed six-inch thick 5-Zone natural latex rubber mattress core plus we add another 3" of ergonomically designed layer of sculpted latex for a surface that caresses you in comfort.

Alternatively, we also offer our Cozy CUSH mattress as another option for the Hotel Collection. You still get the bundled package, we just change the mattress to only 2" of sculpted latex which is placed directly above our Performance 5-Zone Latex core. This mattress has a firmer feel than the PLUS model.

This incredible latex mattress was created specifically for the restoration and recovery of fatigued muscles with contoured alignment for perfect posture and lumbar support, as well as delivering energy back to your body while you sleep.

Body-Zone Quilting
On the surface: We start with our signature Body-Zone Quilting which features 100% pure wool under soft organic cotton circular stretch knit matelasse fabric. Our zoned quilting is designed to provide subtle variances to allow a little more give in the shoulders with a tighter pattern in the lumbar for more support.

We specifically use a small amount of wool in our quilting so you can experience the orthopedic comfort of our latex yet still receive the wonderful benefits of wool, without having to worry about deep body impressions.

100% Pure Wool
Temperature regulating and moisture resistant, our wool allows moisture to wick away keeping you cool and dry in the summer and perfectly warm in the winter. Combined with our superior stretch knit certified organic cotton, our materials naturally BREATHE - just like you do - to resonate with your body and provide the best temperature regulation so you don't sleep hot.

We source our fleece from New Zealand, world-renowned for their superior wool and have it combed and carded to our specifications in North Carolina.

100% GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton
Our luxurious organic cotton fabric is featured in a stretch knit that MOVES with your body AND the latex mattress. Tightly-woven fabrics, like twill or damask, constrict the dynamic contouring flexibility of the latex mattress. Our quilting enhances the lovely latex mattress underneath, which is the winning component in our all latex mattresses.

Our organic cotton matelasse is made with three layers of fibers (the top, the threads inside, and the bottom) which are knitted together in our exclusive pebble pique design. We mill our fabrics in South Carolina.

100% Natural Latex
Our 5-Zone Pure Performance latex mattress core is made from pure, creamy white natural latex rubber ergonomically designed to last decades and provide the support your body needs and craves.

The Cozy PLUS features a 3" layer of medium-soft latex above the core for contoured cushioning that still provides optimum support. This added comfort layer is ideal for side-sleepers that need buffering from the direct firmness of the core. If you choose the firmer CUSH Collection, you'll get 2" sculpted layer instead of 3".

Our zoned latex cores and toppers are made to our specifications from 100% natural rubber with no synthetics or fillers using the time-tested natural Dunlop process which has proven to out-perform anything in terms of longevitiy and durability. Although heavy and dense, it does not have any fillers often associated with Talalay, nor does it have any chemicals or petroleums used with synthetic latex.

We work directly with our supplier located in the beautiful island of Sri Lanka, known for their high-quality rubber plantations. In fact, they were the first plantation and manufacturing plant to receive the global organic latex standard certificate.

Two-Sided Reverse Comfort
It costs a little more, but we decided to make our mattress with a two-sided quilt design. The bottom features certified organic cotton twill quilted to wool which can be flipped and used as a sleeping surface if you should ever desire firmer comfort.

Fully-Removable Zipper-Top
Our mattresses have a full zipper so you can easily remove the entire top quilting of your mattress. This is great if you ever have an accident that requires spot cleaning: Just unzip, spot clean and let air dry. It also allows you to get inside the mattress at any time and make adjustments to the components.

Fully Assembled Mattress
Your CozyPure mattress will arrive fully assembled. Many zippered latex mattresses from other companies actually just ship you the pieces making you put it together, so in theory you're the final manufacturer. Latex is very heavy and cumbersome so they can be quite a challenge to assemble. In addition, there is no quality control when the latex pieces are simply pulled off a shelf and shipped to you.

Here at CozyPure, WE MAKE THE MATTRESS and WE SEE THE LATEX while we build your mattress, we're able to spot any defects and put them aside. When you receive our mattress, simply take it out of the box, put it on your bed frame and you're ready to enjoy quality sleep.

Features of our Latex mattress:

  • Durable and Supportive Multi-Zone Pure Performance Core
  • Ergonomically-Designed Sculpted Medium-Soft Top Layer
  • Natural and Organic Components
  • Mattress arrives Fully Assembled (not in pieces)
  • Certified Organic Cotton Matelasse Fabric (Top & Side)
  • Certified Organic Cotton Woven Fabric (Bottom)
  • 100% pure Wool Batting Quilted throughout Cover
  • LGA-Tested, Oeko-Tex Certified Pure Natural Latex
  • Third-Party Certified-Safe Certificates
  • No Formaldehyde or PBDE’s
  • Dust-Mite, Mold and Mildew Resistant
  • Temperature Regulating and Moisture Resistant
  • Naturally Hypoallergenic and Antibacterial
  • High Resiliency Out-Performs Synthetic Foam
  • Natural Materials Breathe & Regulate Moisture
  • Naturally Dissipates Heat and Humidity
  • Quality, Expertise and Made in the USA -Norfolk, VA
  • Twenty Year Warranty


    Cuddle-Top Removable Latex Topper
    Cuddle-up for a good night's sleep that surrounds you with plush softness and outrageous organic comfort. If you're looking for a softer mattress surface to cuddle your curves while still providing proper support, then the LaNoodle Mattress Topper is for you, nd it's included in our Luxury Hotel Collection.

    A very unique removable mattress pillow topper made exclusively by CozyPure® - Organic Comfort Zone.

    Thousands of LaNoodles (tiny uniformed natural latex nuggets) gently caress you as they adjust to your movements and contour to your body while also delivering the support your body needs. Covered with luxurious 100% organic cotton sateen fabric, creating a “feather-like” mattress topper that is soft, plush and free of toxic chemicals.

    Unlike feather beds, our LaNoodle Mattress Topper is mold, mildew and dust mite resistant. The natural resilient dynamics also deliver optimum support while cushioning your pressure points. Body impressions and indentations are easily massaged away! Our Latex Cuddle Top is the perfect alternative to a featherbed down topper... without the dust mites.

    There is no other mattress topper quite like it anywhere in the world. In production since 2007, hundreds of customers are enjoying our LaNoodle Cuddle Top, in fact it has a 100% satisfaction rate.

    Features of our Cuddle-Top Latex Topper:
    * Outer shell fabric cover is silky-soft 100% organic cotton sateen
    * Inside fill is made from natural latex LaNoodles (latex noodles)
    * Consistent size latex noodles are comfortable, soft and supportive
    * Outrageous comfort that also provides the proper support
    * Mold and Mildew Resistant
    * Temperature Regulating so you don't sleep HOT
    * Dust Mite Resistant
    * No Toxic Chemicals or Synthetic Fabrics
    * Sustainable, Renewable and Eco-Friendly
    * 5 times more resilient than foam for lasting durability and comfort
    * Free-flowing latex is easy to adjust and swish away body Indentations
    * Proudly Made in Norfolk, VA USA

    CozyPure Wool Comforter
    Our best-selling CozyPure Comforter is made with lofty chemical-free pure wool which we expertly hand-tuft and hand-tie inside a silky soft GOTS-certified Organic Cotton sateen fabric.

    Designed to last for decades with proper care, our CozyPure organic wool comforter is a favorite to cuddle under every night.

    Due to the natural crinkle-structure of the fleece, wool has an enormous capacity to store air. This allows your skin to breathe as you sleep surrounded by natural, dry warmth - without the clammy feeling associated with certain down and synthetic materials. This thermal insulation makes wool warm in the winter and keeps it cool in the summer. You will wake up well rested and refreshed. It's the perfect ingredient for healthy sleep.

    Because it stays dry, our wool comforter is naturally dust-mite resistant making it the preferred choice for people who suffer from respiratory allergies.

    CozyPure LaNoodle Latex Pillows

    The Natural Latex LaNoodle Pillow is made from a soft organic cotton stretch knit fabric that moves with the latex inside so you can feel the dynamic benefits of the latex. Soft yet supportive, it uniquely contours to your head and neck perfectly. Naturally dust-mite resistant and perfect support, comfort and resiliency. DESIGNED TO LAST FOR YEARS. A great alternative to feather down pillows.... without the dust mites.

    ABSOLUTELY NO PETROLEUM FOAMS - NO POLYESTER FILL!! Only healthy Eco-Organic materials. Hand-crafted here in Norfolk, VA-USA!!

    CozyPure Organic Cotton Linens
    Organic Cotton 280 thread count sateen sheets should be the foundation pieces of every home’s linen closet. The durable, classic plain weave has a wonderfully crisp hand, yet soft feel on the skin. Some say this is the perfect year-round sheet.

    Flat sheet has a 4" self hem. Fitted sheets have deep 15" pockets and elastic all around the bottom.

    Organic cotton sateen duvet covers are lustrous and luxurious. The silky crisp feel of the fabric is ideal for cool weather sleeping, with or without a top sheet. Twill weave construction keeps it wrinkle resistant and duvet cover is finished with coconut shell buttons at the foot. Our organic cotton sheets are made in the USA!!

    Comfort Adjustments
    If necessary, the CozyPure performance mattress can be modified in a variety of ways, depending on which model you choose (the PLUS or the CUSH). For details about each mattress visit the product page or give us a call, we're happy to help you.

    If you should ever desire the mattress to actually be a little firmer, simply flip it over (the quilting is tighter and firmer on the bottom).

    CozyPure Cuddle-Up Club
    When you purchase a CozyPure mattress you become a Cuddle-Up Club member and receive lifetime discounts of 20% off our bedding. That means you never have to wait for a sale.

    Want another set of sheets or some LaNoodle Pillow for gifts? Maybe try our wonderful comforter or matelasse blankets? You'll get 20% off the price. Even better, when we DO have a sale, usually our members get an additional 10% off the sale price -- sometimes up to 30 or 40 percent off the regular price.

    If you love organic bedding, that can add up to hundreds of dollars in savings! You'll also get exceptional treatment as a preferred customer... because we're not happy unless you're happy.

    Exceptional Customer Service
    ***** We have a Five-Star approval rating from Shopper Approved, a third-party review site that monitors our customers overall satisfaction rate. With 25 years experience exclusively in the organic comfort industry, we'll share our knowledge to assist you, whether it's the first time selecting your mattress or ten years from now if you need to change the comfort. We stand behind our products and we'll always be there for you.

    About Us
    We've been in business since 1991 offering green and organic products for living. In the year 2000 we decided to focus on the bedroom, working with USA mills, designing our own fabrics and manufacturing exclusive products. We also installed a full solar system in 2010 which generates 100% of our own clean energy on-site, making us the only organic bedding factory to come full-circle in providing sustainable bedroom products from start to finish.

    Mattress Support Bases
    Our Pure Performance Mattresses are designed to go directly on a platform slat bed frame, an adjustable bed frame or slat foundation.

    Read actual guest reviews about their sleep experience on our Luxury Hotel Collection

    CozyPure® Luxury Hotel Collection comes complete
    with the following
    (bundled together with an amazing discount):

    * 10" Natural Latex PLUS Mattress with Organic Cotton and Wool Cover or

    * 9" Natural Latex CUSH Mattress with Organic Cotton and Wool Cover

    * Natural Latex LaNoodle Cuddle Top (Un-Feather Bed)

    * Hand-Tied European Style 100% Wool Comforter

    * Two Natural Latex Standard Size LaNoodle Pillows

    * 100% Certified Organic Cotton Sateen Duvet Cover

    * 100% Certified Organic Cotton Sateen Fitted Sheet

    * 100% Certified Organic Cotton Sateen Flat Sheet

    * 100% Certified Organic Cotton Sateen Pillow Cases

    * Cuddle Up Club Member - 20% OFF Bedding for Life

    * 100% Turn-Key - Comes Complete with Everything You Need

    * 20 Year Warranty on Pure Performance Natural Latex PLUS Mattress

    * 5 Year Warranty on CozyPure Organic Bedding Accessories


    * Read actual guest reviews about their sleep experience on our Luxury Hotel Collection

    Washington Post CozyPure organic mattress review
    CozyPure® Complete Luxury Hotel Collection
    10" Pure Performance PLUSH Latex Mattress
    Mattress Size Retail Value Bundled Package Price
    Twin 39"x 75" Reg $2,555.00 Only $2,209.00
    Twin XL 39"x 80 Reg $2,575.00 Only $2,222.00
    Full 54"x 75" Reg $3,431.00 Only $2,942.00
    Queen 60"x 80" Reg $3,677.00 Only $3,152.00
    King 76"x 80" Reg $4,570.00 Only $3,938.00

    CozyPure® Complete Luxury Hotel Collection
    9" Pure Performance CUSH Latex Mattress (slightly firmer than the PLUS)
    Mattress Size Retail Value Bundled Package Price
    Twin 39"x 75" Reg $2,426.00 Only $2,087.00
    Twin XL 39"x 80 Reg $2,446.00 Only $2,100.00
    Full 54"x 75" Reg $3,230.00 Only $2,750.00
    Queen 60"x 80" Reg $3,477.00 Only $2,962.00
    King 76"x 80" Reg $4,209.00 Only $3,596.00

    • Manufactured by: CozyPure Natural Latex Mattresses

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