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Pure Wool Organic Sleep Pillow

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Wool naturally repels dust mites, mold, mildew and bacteria, so it's the perfect choice for your sleeping environment. Although wool will compress 1/3 its size with use, it's springiness and resiliency is much better than cotton batting. In addition, the lanolin is a natural deterrent for dust mites.

Our Wool Pillows are filled with soft lofty pure eco-wool that's fluffy and light plus features extra air pockets for perfect temperature regulation. Outside casing is premium 100% pure organic cotton, no synthetic blends woven damask fabric for long-term durability.

Crafted by professional artisans in America's greenest bedding factory. Norfolk-VA, USA


Cheryl gives us a quick look at the benefits of choosing an eco wool pillow with pure chemical-free batting covered with organic cotton fabric on the outside versus a conventional pillow filled with polyester batting and synthetic fabrics.

Wool is temperature regulating so you can cool off a hot head plus it's naturally dust mite resistant. Wool has a springiness so it's resilient however it will compress slightly with daily use as the batting settles.

Made in the USA.

Travel-Size: 12" x 16" (Regular Fill Only)
Standard Size: 20" x 25"
Queen Size: 20" x 30"
King Size: 20" x 36"
Euro: 25" x 25"
Body Pillow: 60" x 10"
Lite-Fill: Flat and lightly-filled. Good choice for stomach sleepers.
Regular-Fill: Not too flat or full. Preferred by most people.
Extra-Fill: Heavy fill that's more dense with a higher loft.

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