We give you the best of both worlds.

  • #1 - The convenience of a zipper cover mattress, so you always have access to the inside of your mattress.

  • #2 - After you choose your comfort preference, we build the mattress for you, so you don't have to do all the work.

    Your CozyPure mattress will arrive fully assembled.

    Many zippered latex mattresses from other companies actually just ship you the pieces making you put it together, so in theory you're the final manufacturer. It's the DIY concept and your buying kit pieces. Most times you are also the one trying to figure out what firmness-softness to use in your construction, maybe having to swap layers multiple times before you get it right.

    Latex is very heavy and cumbersome so it can be quite a struggle to move around and a challenge to assemble a mattress. In addition, there is no quality control when the latex pieces are simply pulled off a shelf and shipped to you.

    Here at CozyPure, WE MAKE THE MATTRESS and WE SEE THE LATEX while we build your mattress, we're able to spot any defects and put them aside. When you receive our mattress, simply take it out of the box, put it on your bed frame and you're ready to enjoy quality sleep. NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED.

    Purchasing a DIY mattress can save you money, since you're the one doing all the labor. But if wrestling together a mattress is not your thing, then you should consider one that arrives fully assembled. We have found that most people DON'T want to assemble their own mattresses, unless perhaps there is a young strong man in the house looking to save some money. Otherwise most people do not want the hassle of constructing a mattress themselves. Also, most people do NOT want to deal with the many firmness-softness configurations of doing-it-yourself (we do that with our zoned core plus a comfort layer if necessary). As far as saving money, well it depends on how you look at it...

    Our mattresses actually don't cost a lot more than the DIY ones, especially when you consider our strict design of only the highest-quality components (the best you can find in our opinion), pre-designed with the most basic comfort configurations, ready to enjoy out of the box (you don't do the work, we do), as well as the other benefits you receive when you choose CozyPure, like our Cuddle-Up Club discount which can save you HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of dollars EVERY YEAR for the rest of your life.

  • EcoSmart Organic Certificates