BODY-ZONE QUILTING with Organic Cotton and Wool

We specifically use a small amount of wool in our quilting so you can experience the orthopedic qualities of our latex yet still receive the wonderful benefits of wool, without having to worry about deep body impressions. The fabric is of the highest-quality. No polyester or blends. We use only GOTS-certified organic cotton stretch knit matelasse fabric milled exclusively for us in the USA.

All our organic comfort ZONE mattresses feature our exclusive CozyPure Body-Zone Quilting which is strategically designed to provide subtle variances of expansion, targeted along the areas of your body which need different levels of comfort.

For instance the larger, open quilting we use in the shoulder area helps give more cushioning, while the tighter small-stitch pattern in the lumbar area compresses the quilting for just a slightly firmer feel. We open the large pattern again at the hips, allowing them to sink in just a little more than the lumbar zone. Since we use a 5-zone core, your hips won't go in too far because the heavy middle area of your body is provided extra support with our core, while having a little "give and expansion" in our quilting design.

We've always prided ourselves on innovative design concepts in the organic comfort manufacturing industry. Back in early 2007 we were one of the first organic bedding manufacturers to begin using a circular four-way stretch-knit fabric on all our mattresses to enhance comfort because so many organic mattresses were mostly focused on just the materials, not the comfort.

As our competitors try to catch up with us in design, we continue to always be a step ahead, moving forward with new ideas that implement only the finest natural materials with durability, quality, innovation, comfort, aesthetics and customer satisfaction.

EcoSmart Organic Certificates