Rainforest Mattress with LaNoodle Cuddle Top

Rainforest Mattress with LaNoodle Cuddle Top

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Our orginial "Rainforest" Mattress - with our best selling luxurious Cuddle-Top!

25 years ago, there weren't a whole lot of choices for natural latex mattresses. This here... is what we called the mattress way back then... the "Rainforest". Tried, true and proven.

This is our 7" latex mattress, which starts with a 6" solid support core made from 100% natural latex rubber (no blends or fillers) covered with organic cotton stretch-knit matelasse fabric on the top panel and woven organic cotton on bottom panel. This version is quilted to PLA plant-based vegan batting (which performs amazingly similar to wool). The Rainforest mattress features a zipper, with expandable top casing, so you can easily add an additional 2" of latex if desired. 

This is a firmer mattress, rated approximately 8 on the scale, plus it's two-sided so you can flip it (it's just slightly firmer on the reverse side). Wonderful long-term mattress, great for the kids first big bed it'll take them right through until they head to college and then you can put it in the guest room. Adults that appreciate a strong, supportive mattress will also love this for the resilience and durability, and expandable case allows for adding a softer comfort layer.

TOPPED WITH CUDDLES! We're including our bestselling, customer-favorite LaNoodle Cuddle-Top which adds a sumptuous, luxurious, removeable pillowtop which lays above the mattress to cuddle your curves perfectly. Never sags, and body indentations just swish away. Made with natural latex free-flowing latex noodles that are soft, yet resilient, and covered in our soft, silky GOTS certified organic cotton sateen. Hand-tied and hand-crafted, with love, right here in our Norfolk workshop.

  • Two-Sided and Flippable 
  • Expandable case to add another 2" of latex to the mattress 
  • 30 Year Warranty on Mattress
  • VIP Cuddle-Up Club Lifetime Bedding Discounts

Mattress Support Bases

Our Latex Mattresses are designed to go directly on a platform slat bed frame or slat foundation. Our latex mattresses can also be used on adjustable bedframes.

Quilt pattern may vary from photo shown. Total of 7" in materials (latex plus quilting). After compression and assembly, finished height of mattress is approximately 6" to 6.5" in height. Due to natural materials, exact dimensions are impossible to guarantee, and may vary slightly.

  • Manufactured by: CozyPure Mattresses
EcoSmart Organic Certificates