50 lbs Hybrid Noodles

50 lbs Hybrid Noodles

Starting at: $50.00


If 100% natural isn't your main concern, but you want comfort on a budget, then this is a bargain for you! We have received a shipment of our Noodles that are NOT up to CozyPure standards for our products, but you can still make a great product do it yourself style. Variations include: natural latex/poly hybrid blend, 100% poly-foam and/or natural latex with slight machine burns on the ends. All are completely usable for projects such as pet beds, throw pillows, cushions, etc. Sorry, we can not tell you which you may receive and may be a combination of the three.

For reference: Our normal, highest-quality natural noodles sell for $15 per lb, so 50 pounds would be $750.00.

These hybrid noodles are ONLY $50 per 50 pound bag... perfect for cushions, throw pillows, pet beds, or other projects! Heck, most sleep pillows are made from 100% foam or polyester, so you could also make sleep pillows with our hybrid-noodle filling and it would still be more natural and higher quality than most traditional pillows.

FREE SHIPPING DOES NOT APPLY. You can pick these up at our Norfolk Factory or we can ship them to you. If choosing the shipping option, we will contact you for shipping options and payment.

EcoSmart Organic Certificates