LaNoodle CozyTop Latex Topper - Best Seller!

LaNoodle CozyTop Latex Topper - Best Seller!

Starting at: $378.00


Cozy-up for a great night’s sleep! Our CozyTop gives ANY mattress an upgrade that cuddles your body and relieves pressure points with soft, yet supportive free-flowing latex.

Our LaNoodle COZYTOP Mattress Topper is designed with two different organic fabrics: lightweight knit on one side and a thicker matelasse knit on the other side, offering two different options for comfort. The choice is yours.

Mold, mildew and dust mite resistant, filled with thousands of small natural latex "noodles" which gently caress you and adjust to the contours of your body to offer you softness while still providing support. Body impressions and indentations are simply massaged away and the channeled panels make this topper easy to maintain.

A very unique removable mattress topper made exclusively by CozyPure® - Organic Comfort Zone.

Spot clean, air dry ONLY.
Do not wash. NEVER put your topper in the dryer.

* Two different outer fabrics for your choice of comfort
* Inside fill is made from natural latex LaNoodles (latex noodles)
* Consistent size latex noodles are comfortable, soft and supportive
* Outrageous comfort that also provides the proper support
* Mold and Mildew Resistant
* Temperature Regulating so you don't sleep HOT
* Dust Mite Resistant
* No Toxic Chemicals or Synthetic Fabrics
* Sustainable, Renewable and Eco-Friendly
* 5 times more resilient than foam for lasting durability and comfort
* Free-flowing latex is easy to adjust and swish away body Indentations
* Proudly Made in Norfolk, VA USA

  • Manufactured by: CozyPure Organic Bedding
EcoSmart Organic Certificates