3" Wooluptuous Mattress Topper

3" Wooluptuous Mattress Topper

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Wool has a natural soft, fluffiness that welcomes you to bed every night. It's better than a featherbed because wool is smoother, it stays in place and it's more breathable and resistant to dust mites. Our luxurious Cozpure Organic Wool Pillowtop is a sumptuous 3" of hand-tufted wool layered in full bats to cuddle every curve and offer you a restful sleep. Many of our customers who suffer from arthritic pain or Fibromyalgia claim our 3" Wooluptuous Pillowtop helps relieve discomfort and provides them with a quality sleep. Over time wool will form a "nest" of your body. Some people love this womb-like comfort. If you prefer not to have the nesting, flip your topper once a week

Proudly Made in Norfolk, USA

Hans talks about our Wooluptuous Wool Mattress Topper made from organic wool tufted inside certified organic cotton sateen fabric.

Using three-layers of high loft wool starts at approx 5" thick then tufted to about 3.5" for a cozy cocoon of wool pillow top comfort for any mattress. It provides a softer surface with the added benefits of being temperature regulating and dust mite resistant.

Made in the Norfolk, VA-USA.

Wooluptuous Wool Mattress Topper

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  • Manufactured by: CozyPure Organic Bedding
EcoSmart Organic Certificates