Wooly Fleece Pad

Wooly Fleece Pad

Starting at: $189.00


Our CozyPure® Wooly Fleece Pad is constructed with a 1" pile of natural American wool fleece that adds softness and cozy comfort to any bed. The pad features wide elastic straps on the corners that securely attach to the mattress for a snug fit and to prevent shifting.

While sleeping on wool is desirable for all sleepers having a pad or topper that can't be washed isn't practical for everyone. The Wooly Fleece Pad offers the best of both worlds - a machine washable wool pad. Now everyone can experience the many benefits of sleeping on wool without worrying about accidents. In addition to it's easy-to-care-for design, the Wooly Fleece Pad is perfect for folks that want to have the therapeutic benefits of wool but without deep nesting (body impressions) often caused with thicker wool toppers. Moisture resistant and temperature regulating, sleepers who surround themselves with wool bedding report deep and comfortable sleep. Along with the Wooly Fleece Pad, consider adding our Wool Comforter to enhance your sleep experience. Handcrafted in Norfolk, USA.

EASY care instructions: Machine wash cold, delicate cycle. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Tumble dry low. Cuddle daily.

  • Manufactured by: CozyPure Organic Bedding
EcoSmart Organic Certificates