You probably already read about the benefits of our 5-zone natural latex core, and if you haven't then you want to start there to read about how all our mattresses are built with this incredible support core which is the foundation of a great mattress.

Our comfort layers are made from natural latex rubber and they're placed above the core to provide sleepers with more cushioning, if necessary. Since we have a zipper around the perimeter of the mattress, you can easily access your comfort layers at any time for adjustments by rearranging, or if you find you ever need a different firmness, this can be done by simply changing out the layer.

If you like a firm mattress, then you most likely will enjoy sleeping directly on the core. But for some folks, the core is a bit too firm, so we've developed a few options to give some softer comfort on the top surface.

One comfort choice is our 1.5" sculpted layer of natural latex. Since this is only 1.5" there's not a whole lot of depth so this choice is for people who prefer a semi-firm feel. You get the support with just a little cushioning on the top surface. The design and reduced mass allows our sculpted layer to be softer than a solid piece of 1.5" latex.

Most people fall into the "medium" category of comfort which is why our core mattress plus a 3" layer of medium natural latex on top is our most popular. Adding the 3" is a nice buffer between the support core, providing the deeper comfort that cradles your pressure points while still maintaining the support you need.

You can also add the 1.5" on top of the 3" for even more depth. We don't recommend layering too much softness on top as this would defeat the purpose of a nice supportive system which is critical for proper alignment.

The layers we use can also be interchanged and flipped to provide slightly different feels (for instance you could flip the 1.5" sculpted layer to have the sculpted surface with the peaks facing the bottom versus on the top). This gives a smooth finish with the buoyancy reduced slightly as it acts more spring-like.

Latex can seem quite firm if you're not used to sleeping on a latex mattress, especially if you're used to an innerspring padded with squishy foams. If you find you need some extra "padding" for that squishy comfort, we recommend adding our LaNoodle Cuddle Top. This amazing removable topper will provide that cuddly soft comfort, but since it's made from latex that "floats" around your body, it never compacts down or makes permanent indentations.

All of our comfort choices are made from pure latex - no foams. That means you get the BEST quality material available for a sleep system, and unlike memory foam or synthetic foam, latex doesn't conduct heat so you won't sleep hot.

The entire mattress is 100% latex - no springs, no foams, no carpet remnants (yes this is very common in spring mattresses), and no polyester batting. Just solid latex from top to bottom.

We also offer customization on the 3" comfort layer (medium, medium-soft, soft) as well as split for dual comfort. For more details, please call us for a consultation. Remember also that our mattresses feature a zip cover so you can always change your comfort layers in the future if necessary.

Be sure to read about our natural latex 5-zone core, which is the support under all our comfort layers.

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