One of the things we're most proud of is hearing real people give real reviews about their sleeping experience on a CozyPure mattress. So we're going to take this opportunity to brag a bit, and share with you some of the wonderful things folks are saying about us...

cozypure reviews

With over one-thousand positive reviews we can't post them all here, so below is a small selection of actual comments from real customers. This is a 3rd-party site that monitors our customers' overall satisfaction. It's not a part of our "internal" website and we have no affiliation with them and no control over the reviews.

You can visit the CozyPure reviews on Shopper Approved by clicking here.

"We've had the bed for a few weeks now and it has been FANTASTIC! Love love love the soft feel to it, it's quiet, breathes well, super comfortable, and NO TOXIC CHEMICALS SMELL! This was one of the primary reasons why we went with CozyPure, because of the organic/all-natural materials. We have not been disappointed." - Jacob S.

"Third mattress from Cozypure for my daughter this time. Love everything so far, the pillows, sheets, beds, blankets, everything. Customer service and quality is fantastic." - Janice

"The mattress is better than described. Its so comfortable. I wasn't sure where to get medium or soft and so got both, since my husband said he could sleep on anything. It's truly the best mattress ever." - Ally

"I've been sleeping on my Pure Perfection mattress for a little over a month, and I can honestly say it is bar none the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on. I used to have all-over body aches when I got out of bed in the morning; those are gone now. I'm so glad I bought this bed, and I'll be replacing the rest of the beds in my house with CozyPure mattresses" - Carla

"The natural latex components are high quality, and the fabrics Cheryl has chosen are natural and luxurious, and the covers are beautifully sewn. The mattress is just right for us, and the feel of our new mattress is identical to the one we tested out in the showroom. The LaNoodle pillows are just superb. Our kids want them. They now want latex mattresses, too! The LaNoodle toppers are also high quality and add to the "cozy" feel of our sleep system." - JB

"We love our mattress - it is the simplest latex option and provides more than enough support and comfort. And we love our mattress protector! Great company, great products. Been sleeping well for three months and counting!" - Katie

"This is the 1st product to say OH.. & i say it every nite hubby who likes something firmer than I do even loves it so that is unheard of satisifying both of us in one product. I love my body LaNoodle & took it with me on vacation - never slept so good in all of my life & I am 50 ish. " - Jill

"I am not exaggerating when I say that in ONE NIGHT my hip pain was gone!!!!! I am not stiff at all when I wake up, and this has to be THE MOST COMFORTABLE BED I have EVER slept on. Hands down. I think about going home and lying in the bed while I am at work!!!" - Happy in California

"We bought the latex plus mattress six months ago and never realized how crappy our old bed really was until we started sleeping on our new cozypure bed. About two weeks ago we received the wool comforter and everything together is unbelievably comfortable and so cozy. Love waking up rested and my husband doesn't get stuffed up anymore. Just like a lot of the other people here we also LOVE our Lanoodle pillows!!" - Anne

"Best mattress I've slept on. They cost more so we wanted to be sure we were getting something perfect. She found Cozypure and fell in love with the company. When I called they had great customer service and answered all my questions. No hard sell which I really appreciated. They matched us up with the perfect bed and we're both sleeping better than ever. No regrets at all except maybe we sleep too much now. This company is great." - Anthony

"We purchased mattresses for our king adjustable bed two years ago and absolutely LOVE them!! I was initially concerned that the constant up and down of the head of the bed might stress the mattress, but there are no lumps, no creases, no sagging, ┬Žjust night after night of the best sleep ever. We love our LaNoodles as well, and travel nowhere without them." - Joan

When you are in the market for bedding, Cheryl and her staff at CozyPure got you covered. The hypoallergenicity of the CozyPure product line (from pillow cases to mattresses... and everything in between) coupled with the customized orthopedic support for your musculoskeletal system will result in your best night's sleep ever!
-Dr. Eric Fee, MD Click to

"Best value - sleeping great. We just ordered our THIRD mattress from CozyPure. The other two we've had for about three years and just love them. So very comfortable and enjoy that the bed is made with natural materials. I look forward to going to bed and always wake up with a great night sleep. The customer service at CozyPure is wonderful and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a healthy mattress." - MR

"I flew from Massachusetts to Virginia to visit the store and try the mattresses (it is a major purchase after all!). When the mattress and foundation were delivered, my husband and I were extremely happy with them. This mattress is the most comfortable one we've ever slept on. In fact, my mother tried it out and she ended up buying a queen-size version from CozyPure as well. All in all it was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend CozyPure to all." - Jaret

"Best sleep ever. First I bought the pillows and immediately noticed that my neck no longer hurt, then came the mattress which made the rest of my body stop hurting. Absolutely love the fact it's all organic and there will not be dustmites or anything that will harm us while we sleep. If you are looking for a mattress then stop looking, we checked out everything be fore deciding that this mattress was what we were looking for. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for that perfect nights rest w/o the gimmicks." - Susanna

Below are ACTUAL REVIEWS taken directly off the TRIP ADVISOR site for the Inn at the Black Olive in Baltimore. We're tickled to read that guests take the time to mention how wonderful they slept on our CozyPure beds and pillows.

You can visit the Trip Advisor site here. (Please note that this is our Luxury Hotel Collection).

The bed was, if not the most, one of the most comfortable beds I've ever laid in. It was like pure heaven. I did not want to get out of it come morning

"And the beds are the kind that one just melts into for a great night's sleep."

"Incredibly comfortable beds."

"Supremely comfortable beds with amazingly soft organic linens. Pplenty of comfortable pillows (I have a bad back and a not-so-great neck, and I slept so well on this bed with these pillows... highly unusual for me.)"

"I stayed there a few weeks ago and the beds are just to die for and the PILLOWS omg awesome."

"The bedroom has a super comfortable king sized bed with the softest organic cotton bedding you can imagine."

"One of the most comfortable beds we've ever slept in."

"The room was perfect for our occasion, especially the view and extremely comfortable bed."

"The bed was amazingly comfortable."

"The most comfortable bed EVER (the Westin Heavenly takes a backseat)."

"The next room was the bedroom which had THE MOST COMFORTABLE BED I HAVE EVER SLEPT ON! I would seriously check into that hotel just to take a nap on that bed."

"We then tried laying in the organic bed. It felt like I was literally laying on a cloud! I literally didn't get up until sunrise which you can see from the patio in the bedroom. Just to let you guys know I had nothing but peace and sweet dreams that when my husband and I got up we had to stay another night! "

"ah, the beds are extremely comfortable."

"From the spacious luxurious rooms with such comfortable beds, to the delicious organic food, the Inn at the Black Olive is a little paradise."

"Our room was perfect, super comfy king sized bed with organic linens, made for a very restful sleep."

"The bed was heavenly with ample pillows in various sizes."

"The bed was supremely comfortable!"

"The bedding was excellent, best pillows I have slept on almost ever I think!"

"The bed was sooooo comfortable!!!!!"

"The next morning, even thou it was hard to get out of that bed... "

"Super comfy bed."

"The bed which is like sleeping on a cloud"

"Most comfortable bed ever."

"The beds unbelievably comfortable. There was not one night I did not sleep well."

"The beds were super comfortable so kudos to whoever picked out the mattresses, pillows, and linens."

"The bed was scrumptious."

"Our room was perfect from the organic sheets and inviting king size bed with pillows that put you into a dream filled slumber."

"The bed was probably the most comfortable hotel bed I have ever slept in."

"The bed and the whirlpool tub are luxurious."

"The bed- I don't even know what it was about it- was it extra soft? Or the right amount of firmness? I'm not sure what it was that made it so wonderful, but it was amazing and I woke up feeling great every morning."

"The bed is sooooo comfortable!"

"There was such attention to detail and guest comfort...even to the supportive mattress on the bed. Strictly top-shelf!"

"The Black Olive Inn was a wonderful place to stay with large suites and, as they claimed, a fabulous bed!"

"The bed was super comfortable. Oh!"

"Now the bed. It's heaven. The mattress, the bedding...everything! We are actually going to purchase the Mattress and bedding that is used at the inn. I slept all night for the first time in years."

"The bed was so inviting. soft, organic sheets and bed linens which enveloped you in sheer comfort and allowed you to easily drift off to sleep."

"The wonderful, comfortable bed after a healing soak in the hydrotherapy tub made sleep blissful."

"Bed was the greatest of all time!"

"The organic bed had my wife raving about the best sleep in years."

"The bedroom was private, quiet, and had a bed that trumps all other beds!"

"Best mattress ever, fluffy comforter."

"The bed was very comfortable and we had a great night's sleep."

"I live in Hawaii and I KNOW paradise when I see it ... The bed was wonderful and I slept for 10 hours in it straight!!"

"All the bedding mentioned by others, is top notch."

"While the space was great, the bed and bath amazing."

"The bed was heavenly with at least 6 pillows, billowy sheets, so comfortable - had the best sleep ever until morning!"

"The bed was incredibly soft and comfortable."

"The bed was HEAVENLY and the blankets were heavy and cozy."

"The organic mattress and bedding... I didn't toss or turn and slept like a log until 8:30 in the morning which I never EVER do at hotels. It was pure heaven to sleep so well and feel so rested at a hotel. The tub, the bed and the food is enough reason to stay here!"

"The bed was so comfortable."

"Speaking of sleeping, the bed is so comfortable with nice soft linens."

"I was sad to only stay one night because I wanted more time to lay in the super comfortable bed."

"The bed, linens and towels are of the highest quality and wrap the guests in a bubble of luxury, comfort and peace."

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