Pure Performance LaNoodle Latex Contour Pillow -with zipper

Pure Performance LaNoodle Latex Contour Pillow -with zipper

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Our wonderful LaNoodle Contour pillow is hand tufted and tied to provide a gentle contour for folks that need proper head and neck support all night long. No more fussing to get the right curvature, it's built into our pillow which easily slopes to cradle your head perfectly.

The Pure Performance LaNoodle Contour Pillow is made from "floating" natural latex inside with a silky soft organic cotton sateen fabric on the outside which allows the latex to really MOVE under the fabric. We're also adding a zipper so you can adjust the fill to your exact preference.

The perfect alternative to feather down pillows.... without the dust mites.

ABSOLUTELY NO FOAMS - NO POLYESTER FILL!! Only pure Eco-Organic materials. Organic cotton sateen fabric with natural latex inside. Hand-crafted here in Norfolk, VA-USA!!

Naturally dust-mite resistant and perfect support, comfort and resiliency. DESIGNED TO LAST FOR YEARS.

The pillow shell casing is made from 1100% pure organic cotton, no synthetic blends sateen fabric which allows the latex noodles to move more freely. Hypoallergenic. Mold, mildew and dust-mite resistant. Proudly Made in Norfolk, VA USA. Spot clean, air dry only.


Patti talks about using our new "LaNoodle Contour Pillow". She's had on-going neck problems for years and needs the therapeutic benefits of a contour pillow to properly support her head and neck.

Because of Patti's pre-existing condition she was the perfect candidate to test and confirm if our new contour pillow works - and she is happy to report she can move her neck more freely after sleeping with our pillow.

Made in Norfolk, VA- USA with natural latex inside and 100% pure organic cotton, no synthetic blends sateen fabric.


Standard Size: 20" x 25"
Queen Size: 20" x 30"
King Size: 20" x 36"
 One-Fill-Fits-All: Our "Pure Performance" collection features a zipper so you can adjust to your preference. For sleepers who prefer a lighter fill, simply remove some filling until it's just perfect for you.

  • Manufactured by: CozyPure Organic Bedding
EcoSmart Organic Certificates