REMOVABLE TOP PANEL with 4-way Zipper


The top of our mattresses are completely removable. We feature a full 4-way zipper around the perimeter so you can easily UN-attach the top.

Accidents happen, so it's great to have the ability to remove the entire top panel if you need to clean. You can take it off, apply your favorite spot cleaner then allow to dry. Repeat if necessary.

Tight-top mattresses risk getting mold if the mattress gets too wet, but with our removable top you can really saturate the area, blot excessive moisture with a dry cloth, then let it air dry completely. Don't try to clean by using a washing machine or dryer, that will only shrink and tork the quilting.

Of course, the other great feature is you can make comfort adjustments when necessary (one month or one year or one decade later) by simply unzipping and changing out the latex inside. We don't recommend constant zipping on and off since it could compromise the zipper if used too much. So use this great feature when necessary and it will be fine.

EcoSmart Organic Certificates