The Many Benefits of Cozy Pure Wool

CHEMICAL-FREE PURE WOOL: One of nature's greatest gifts

Wool is one of nature's most wonderful products and essential for a comfortable, healthy organic sleep system. It's a natural, biodegradable fiber and is both renewable and recyclable. It offers an environmental advantage because it is a natural fiber grown without the extensive use of herbicides and fertilizers. Today, there are many other textile fibers, but science has yet to produce another fiber containing all the natural properties of wool. Wool remains unique -- a masterpiece of nature!

Wool maintains resiliency. Due to its natural coil-like springiness, wool maintains its form, which is not the case with down-filled material. Wool can bend itself up to 20,000 times without breaking (compared to 3,200 times for cotton). Wool will last for years without losing its resiliency. This is why wool bedding products generally last longer than down-filled products.

Before the wool is used as filling material in CozyPure® organic mattresses and bedding, it is first scoured clean in extremely high water temperatures using eco-safe cleansers. Next the bales of fleece are carded, which means that a complex machine with very fine combs, processes it without the use of chemicals. The combing process aligns all the fibers into one direction, providing a soft and fluffy batting for our organic bedding products.

Our pure wool is healthy. On average, people lose about a pint of moisture every night. As wool can take on moisture up to 30% of its own weight (compared to 1 up to 2% for synthetic fibers), you will be comfortable as you sleep, even with a heavier perspiration. During the day the moisture absorbed by the wool at night, evaporates into the outer air, leaving the wool bedding fresh and dry for the next night's sleep. If this does not happen, as in the case of synthetics, polyester or down-filled material, the bed linens remain clammy, which is far from beneficial for a good night's sleep. This is the main reason people who suffer from rheumatism or arthritis, feel so good sleeping with CozyPure® organic mattresses and comforters filled with pure wool.

Fibromyalgia is another common and disabling disorder that affects 4 to 8 million adults in the USA alone (according to NIH, The National Women's Health Centre, 2004). People suffering from fibromyalgia usually ache all over, sleep poorly, are stiff on waking, and feel tired all day, which makes it very important to have bedding that relieves the pressure points.

Wool's natural fibers form a cushioned support that cradles your body, relieving pressure points, muscle aches and back pains. You sleep better in wool because you quickly fall into a deep, restful sleep. In the morning, you are refreshed for the day ahead. Hospitals have used wool for years to enhance their patient's comfort. It is a natural sleeping aid for a better night's sleep. So, of course, it makes perfect sense to produce a natural mattress with pure wool.

We offer a distinctive line of pure wool organic bedding products, scrupulously cleaned and created without bleaches, chemicals or animal cruelty. Be assured that all of our wool-filled products are made with our sumptuous chemical-free 100% pure wool. The production of our pure wool bedding products has a lasting beneficial impact on our natural environment, as well as your personal sleep environment.

Our wool is hypo-allergenic. Did you know that most people who say they're allergic to wool are not allergic to CozyPure® wool? The truth is that almost all people are allergic to allergens, in the form of waste particles, produced by dust mites. Dust mites do not like wool, as they prefer a wet environment and wool is naturally water-repellent. In addition, those few people who really are actually allergic to wool products find that our chemical-free wool causes them no problems. That's because they're usually allergic to the chemical sterilization process which conventional wool is subjected to.

Wool regulates and insulates. Our CozyPure® organic mattresses made with wool, as well as our wool comforters and other top-of-bed accessories have numerous advantages, but the most important one is the 'breathing' quality of wool. Due to the natural long-crinkled structure of the fleece, wool has an enormous capacity to store air. This property allows your skin to breathe as you sleep surrounded by natural, dry warmth - without the clammy feeling associated with certain down and synthetic materials. This thermal insulation makes wool warm in the winter and keeps it cooler in the summer. You will wake up well rested and refreshed! It's the perfect ingredient for every organic bed.

Wool is naturally flame retardant. Wool is naturally safe. It is flame retardant without the use of chemicals or PBDEs. Wool does not liquefy when burned so it will not stick to the skin and cause serious burns. Wool fibers do not support combustion - wool is difficult to ignite and is even self-extinguishable. Because of its fire-resistant qualities, wool will protect from accidents associated with fire, which is, for example, why firefighters wore wool uniforms. Wool provides superior comfort in hot and cold weather. Because it absorbs moisture, wool provides superior comfort in both hot and cold weather. In cold weather, even a little moisture on the skin becomes cold, quickly reducing body temperature. However, by absorbing body moisture, a dry layer of air is left next to the skin and this helps to hold in body heat. In addition, the crimp in the wool fibers makes them stand apart from each other. As a result, little pockets of still air are trapped between the fibers. This lining of air trapped inside the fabric acts as an insulator.

The absorption/evaporation process works in warm weather to help keep the body cooler. Evaporation of perspiration is the body's natural cooling device. Wool helps this process along, as its thirsty cells absorb moisture and help reduce skin temperature. In addition, much of the outdoor heat is blocked out because of wool's insulating barrier of air pockets. This means that the body is kept at an even temperature.

Our wool is easy to clean. Due to the high percentage of lanolin in wool, it has self-cleaning qualities, which is why it stays clean longer than other materials. If you air your CozyPure® organic wool bedding regularly, it will remain hygienic and fresh.

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