THERAPEUTIC PURE WOOL - Natural Fire Barrier

No Chemical Fire Barrier Necessary

For our mattress quilting, we only use wool batting that's about 1/4" thick - that way we don't compromise the FEEL of the mattress and you can get closer to the latex. Wool batting can be somewhat maintained to keep it's loft if it's in a topper or a comforter, but once it's quilted inside a mattress there's not much you can do to avoid the natural compression. Some companies like to say how they use 1" or 2" or even 3" of wool in their mattress quilting and they deliver that as a benefit. We've never felt that way and here's why. Over time, while sleeping on top of wool, it compacts down to about 1/3 it's original loft, and with that compression comes slight body impressions, as well as a denser firmness. In fact, our wool is about the same thickness as what many companies use for their FR barrier (made from silica, rayon, polyester, etc).

So if we only use a thin layer of wool, what are the benefits? We incorporate wool for two important reasons:

  • #1 - Wool is very therapeutic and proven to provide deep, healthy sleep.
  • #2 - We use wool to pass the open-flame test without adding any fire retardants, chemicals or FR barriers.

    TEMPERATURE REGULATING AND HELPS KEEPS YOU DRY Humans have been harvesting wool and protecting us from the elements for over 12,000 years. Some believe that sleeping with wool will make you sweat. Actually wool provides a temperature controlled sleep environment that's perfect for your body.

    No matter what the season, wool is able to maintain the perfect body temperature. In the winter wool produces warmth without overheating and has the ability to keep you comfortable and in the summer you don't overheat because of its moisture wicking process. The wool fibers create a still lining of air next to your skin to hold in heat during the cold months and cool your body as outdoor temperatures rise. When we sleep wool draws and absorbs the moisture that we lose, reducing the skin temperature. When you are cooler you sleep more soundly and toss and turn less often. In the summer the heat is kept away from your skin because of the wool's insulating barrier of air pockets.

    The average sleeper will lose almost a pint of moisture every night. At night wool is able to absorb this moisture without feeling damp or clammy. The cells of wool fibers are able to quickly and efficiently absorb and evaporate moisture.

    Wool regulates and insulates, but one of the most important one is the 'breathing' quality of wool. Due to the natural long-crinkled structure of the fleece, wool has an enormous capacity to store air. This property allows your skin to breathe as you sleep surrounded by natural, dry warmth - without the clammy feeling associated with certain down and synthetic materials. This thermal insulation makes wool warm in the winter and keeps it cooler in the summer. You will wake up well rested and refreshed. It's the perfect ingredient for a mattress.

    CALMS THE HEART FOR DEEPER SLEEP Studies at the Polytechnic Institute in Wales show that the heart rate under wool was significantly lower 100% of the time. Feathers, down, polyester and other synthetic fibers had no effect (or increased the sleeper's heart rate). A lowered heart rate indicates the sleeper is enjoying a deep, relaxed sleep. For optimum results using wool therapy, consider using our Wool Comforter as well (our mattress customers get a 20% discount of comforters and all our bedding).

    NO DUST-MITES, MOLD OR MILDEW People with allergies are able to use wool products because it is resistant to bacteria, mold and mildew (which can trigger allergic reactions). Wool is also dust-mite resistant because wool evaporates moisture rapidly and dust-mites can not thrive in a dry environment.

    COMPLETELY NATURAL, RENEWABLE, SUSTAINABLE Wool is a natural and renewable resource that is annually shorn from sheep. It is biodegradable and environmentally-friendly versus oil-based petroleum synthetics, which is not a renewable resource and contributes to pollution (and also body-temperature clamminess). Choose wool.

    NATURALLY FLAME RESISTANT Using ONLY WOOL we passed Federal Regulation PART 1633 - STANDARD FOR THE FLAMMABILITY (OPEN FLAME) OF MATTRESSES so we don't need to add any FR barrier (our most recent test was in May 2013).

    Because natural and organic mattresses and materials are becoming more popular, many manufacturers are now adding wool - but that doesn't mean the wool is the actual fire barrier as well. In many cases you'll find they add the wool UNDER the fire barrier.
    So they make the bed with outer fabric, followed by the FR barrier and the wool which is all quilted together. Doing this they can tell you it's made with wool and simply choose not to disclose that there is also a layer of some sort of FR barrier.

    Be sure to ask if the WOOL is the actual fire barrier. If it's not, ask what FR they use to pass the open flame test. A lot of FR barriers today do not have harmful toxic chemicals but if they are not using the wool as the actual fire barrier in the mattress, then you're not getting the THERAPEUTIC benefits of the wool because the wool is UNDER the FR barrier (that's fine in a foundation but not the mattress because you're sleeping on the mattress and you want the benefits of wool to be on your sleeping surface).

    You can read the details about Open Flame standard by clicking here.

    Our most recent burn test was in June 2013 when we changed our quilting design. To pass, you must burn three beds and none of them can fail. If one fails, you have to burn three again. In our case, all three of our beds passed. An open flame is put on the top of the mattress for 70 seconds and also on the side for 50 seconds (you can see the black charred area is where the very high open-flames were directly on the bed). Both open-flames are then removed and you wait 30 minutes to complete testing (does is continue burning?) Because of our wool, the mattress did not ignite or melt, and the flames slowly self-extinguished.

  • EcoSmart Organic Certificates