What is an Organic Mattress?

What is an Organic Mattress Anyway?

In the early 1990's, we started offering what we called "organic mattresses". The reason we called them an organic mattress was because, like organic food, our mattresses offered a healthier alternative to petroleum-based batting and foams which contain potentially harmful toxins and are usually dipped in flame retardant chemicals.

There are many fabrics to choose from to make a mattress. We feel pretty strongly that since you can get cotton certified to organic standards, then it only makes sense to incorporate 100% certified organic cotton for the ticking, which is the what we use for the CozyPure® organic mattress & bedding collection. Some mattresses claim to use organic cotton fabric, but in truth many times it's a blend with only 25% organic cotton and 75% polyester. We think these mattresses are more of a "green-lite" mattress. Sure it's a small step in the right direction and is a better choice than 100% polyester, but it's not the true concept of the term organic mattress.

The same goes with the inside components. Today, there are many mainstream mattresses marketed as "natural latex", but if you look closely, you'll find most of them contain layers of petroleum foam, with only two or three inches of natural latex inside. Many consumers don't realize this when they are shopping around; they see "natural latex mattress" and don't think to investigate how much latex is actually in the mattress. It's OK to ask "how much latex is in the mattress?".

Most authentic organic mattresses on the marketplace today, such as CozyPure®, will not use foam layers, instead the mattress is made using all natural latex components which are third-party certified for harmful substances using standards such as Oeko-Tex or LGA. At this time, there are no organic certifications for latex, so having the toxicity tested is presently the best determination to allow this component into a mattress built to reduce toxic chemicals.

Latex offers more resiliency and long-term durability than anything else available for manufacturing a mattress. A natural and renewable resource, natural latex is derived from the havea brasiliensis, more commonly known as the rubber tree. Yes, it definitely costs more, but it out-performs both innerspring coils and foam, not to mention it's more much comfortable and healthier for you… and the environment too.

Of course, there will always be skeptics, the folks who think all mattresses are created equal. Well, we have news for them: Just like anything else you purchase -- a new car, computers, even a frozen dinner -- you usually get what you pay for. The fact is components and supplies for an organic mattress simply cost more to purchase. The reason is simple: ecosmart and organic materials offer better quality, comfort, long-term durability and healthier benefits. If the price seems to good to be TRUE... then it probably is. It's in your best interest to do some research to be sure you're getting an authentic product from a reputable company.

In July 2007, the Federal Regulation 1633 Standard for Open Flame Flammability was passed. All manufacturers needed to comply with these strict standards, as well as all the paperwork, before they can produce and distribute mattresses...

Once upon a time, PBDEs (polybrominated diphenyl ethers) were used to meet the old flame-resistant standards, but PBDEs are being phased out and most manufacturers don't use them anymore. There is a concern, however, that some of the new chemicals being used to replace PBDEs could also be potentially harmful, since many of them have not been tested for long-term health effects, nor have they been tested for possible chemical-combination threats (think of the harm in mixing ammonia with bleach).

Thankfully, today there are a few flame resistant fibers which offer "inherently natural flame resistance properties", such as wool. An authentic organic mattress, such as those mannufactured by CozyPure®, will implement the use of these naturally derived fibers versus using potentially toxic chemicals; unfortunately these natural alternatives cost more than chemical saturation. Once again, the organic mattress costs are higher due to this factor, but they're also going to offer you a much healthier sleep environment.

Natural fibers resonate with our bodies. They breathe, just like we do. When you are sleeping on a CozyPure mattress made from natural components, your mind and body will become more relaxed and comfortable. For the ultimate sleep experience, you should also surround yourself with bedding, such as comforters and pillows made from natural and organic materials. Once you begin to incorporate these beautiful and natural elements into your bedroom, you'll soon realize the wonderful benefits of sleeping organic!

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